Have you seen Skype’s new ‘Power Women’ Mojis and emoticons?

In our modern era, gender equality is of the essence, it is possible we will soon have women wearing agbada. A man must have the acres of the kitchen as the woman. The today woman strives to use her brains as much as her womb,as we see ambitious women aiming heights which in previous cultures were exclusive to the bearded gender.

Have you seen Skype's new 'Power Women' Mojis and emoticons?

This has well being extended to technology. Technology has been at the forefront of gender equality as it strives to create a society where skirt and trousers attract the same respect. And now Skype users will be gaining the ability to access a number of female-themed emoticons and Mojis which they will enjoy in their text chats, as well as a constituent of Microsoft’s new “Power Women” lineup aimed at its VoIP clients.

According to Microsoft says:

This is something we are truly passionate about and are thrilled to build this theme into our personal expression family. These Mojis and emoticons represent a variety of women and the passions they pursue in their daily lives. Whether it be sciences, sports, or business, our idea of a powerful individual is someone who is true to themselves.

So have you noticed the new Power Women Mojis on Skype? You can be access this new female emojis with the emoticon picker tab.

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