WhatsApp improving file sharing… adding video calls and more

Whatsapp has been really busy since they were bought over by Facebook – working on ways to make the chat service better. Not too long ago, they implemented end-to-end encryption – which by the way got them in trouble with the Brazilian government; not long before that, they let people share files (PDFs only) via chats. This time around, they want to introduce:

  • Video Calling – it actually has been a long time coming,
  • The ability to share more than just one file type
  • Voicemail – this part I don’t quite get; you could just drop a voicenote. Why introduce voicemail?


This is still pretty speculative as of now, but we do have some compelling proof that video calling is coming very soon. Just like most multinational services, Whatsapp has a few translators in it’s employ and they added a few string for them to translate: Video call and Video calling is unavailable at this time.


Not convinced quite yet? Well, this screenshot should eliminate whatever doubt lingers


Screen shot from a beta tester

So, obviously the Video calling feature is accessible on the beta versions but has probably not been activated or requires the other party to be a beta tester too. Either way, this is concrete proof.


Remember how you needed to be invited to a telegram group via link? Well, WhatsApp is implementing that and even throwing in a bonus feature – NFC invites too! This sure reduces the trouble of having to add people to a group one at a time. There is also a chance that you’ll be able to use QR codes to accomplish this. The image below contains more details.



Filesharing on WhatsApp is currently limited to contacts, multimedia and PDF files. WhatsApp plans to add the option to share compressed files (.zip) and CSV files – a contact file. Yes, you can actually share contacts currently but only contacts that are saved to your phonebook; this is letting you share actual CSV files. With this, you could share anything! All you have to do is ZIP it – so to speak.This really is a welcome update! Though, there is the chance that WhatsApp will be able to restrict this; but until then, it won’t hurt to wish for the best!

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