[Leaks] Moto G (4th generation) – possible NFC chip

The hype and thrill of a device comes not from the official announcement itself but from the rumors and leaks; and now, Motorolla teases us with more of the Moto G – 4th generation.


There was no official spec sheet or anything of the sort – although there was an unofficial one, but the images(posters really) give us more than a hint. See for yourself:

This obviously means a better processor



A better camera

I’m pretty sure you get the point by now. There are a few others depicting better security, battery life etc etc. Now, for what we know as facts

  • According to a fact sheet uploaded by Roland Quandt, the new phones will come in two variants: the 16GB/2GB RAM version and the 32GB/3GB RAM version, a 13 or 16MP rear camera with laser focus. There was also mention of an NFC chip
  • We are sure there will be a fingerprint scanner since a Lenovo exec. said a while back that all Motorolla phones in 2016 will have fingerprint scanners
  • The devices are set to launch in India – or announced at least on the 17th of May.
    Though there will be a Lenovo-hosted press conference in the U.S in June, there is no telling what will be unveiled then.

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