WhatsApp to Launch Free Calling Feature Soon

WhatsApp intends to add Free Calling Feature Soon, Updates Include Enhanced Notification System and Support for more Mobile Platforms.


Viber and Skype are the only instant messaging app that hinders WhatsApp from being the best communication services provider over the internet.

These two apps are presently leading WhatsApp because both Skype and Viber are presently offering users the ability to make free voice and video calls, in addition to sending and receiving text messages.

WhatsApp intends to Charge Less than Skype and Viber for Making Calls

Currently, Viber is offering free calls to all landlines users within the United States and charges calls to mobile phones within the same country as low as 1.9 cents per minute. Skype on the other hand offers a cheaper option of 1.7 cents per minute, but there are no free calls to landlines.

Based on the latest rumors, it is assumed that WhatsApp will be offering this service at much lower rate than what is currently being offered by its two greatest competitors. This is something that has led to a renewed interest in this app.

WhatsApp claims a massive user base of over 600 million users and this has gotten even better since it was acquired by Facebook and now the app has already recorded a Fifteen percent (15%) growth rate with respect to the number of users.

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WhatsApp displays no Ads

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is not the only app operating in this instant messaging niche, it has thus offered a unique and distinct service other than other providers of this service. Unlike other apps that come with annoying ads and distractions like stickers and games, WhatsApp is simple and it has nothing else displaying or occupying your chat window other than your conversations. Furthermore, WhatsApp was tagged as a lightweight app (meaning that this app consumes very low amount of mobile data) and it will be a very efficient way of making voice and video calls.

WhatsApp also allows all its users to share photos, videos and other multimedia files without difficulty. Since this app can be used on several mobile devices thus the call service can easily be used on any device. Moreover, there are few issues with Whatsapp based on its compatibility issues

This feature will be a great advantage to WhatsApp as it will help to increase its user base and subscribers to this app.

Make Calls using WhatsApp for BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia OS

Lately, the CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, made a public announcement that the latest version of WhatsApp would include the latest features. In addition, he stated that the app developers were working on versions for some other platforms like BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia.

Enhanced Notifications System 

The latest version of WhatsApp will have a new notifications system whereby users can choose and set their ringtone of choice to be used in case of an incoming message or call from their music library. It is most expected that WhatsApp will offer internet based calls for free. Though, how the app is set to manage this process is yet to be revealed.

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In order to achieve this task, it will be required that a speakerphone as well as a mute button feature be added to the app. If the voice and video calling feature is included in the latest update of WhatsApp, it will be a great blessing for all its users as they will no longer have to suffer the pain of calling friends and relatives with heavy recharge cards. In fact, Airtel Offers Unlimited WhatsApp for Free or Pay N100/Month and most users will find it more convenient and stress free to pay $ 0.99 for one year of free calling rather than making use of their usual mobile service providers.

Included Calling Feature Updates

If per adventure WhatsApp goes ahead and makes this rumor a reality, then it will come with a great number of added advantages and they include better sound clarity, ability to record conversations, calling local and international numbers for free and easily switch to GPRS when making a voice or video call. In addition to this, the app will also be favored by the readily available connections.

Users can also send unlimited sized photos and videos. You will need not to resize a video or photo before sending.

The Bottom Line

WhatsApp has already made a landmark due to its simplicity and unique services offered to its users. Whenever the free calling feature is added/ launched, there will definitely be no other app to compete with Whatsapp in terms of users, subscribers and popularity.

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