What the C7 is and why you should care about it

We all know that no system is completely secure (in any and every sense of the phrase); vulnerabilities are bound to occur and the latest and I daresay most lethal is the C7.

In a nutshell what this does is: it lets someone listen in on your calls, record them and read text messages, all the person needs is your phone number. While peer to peer services like WhatsApp and the likes are not affected, I think what this loop hole leaves bare is quite a lot.

It first surfaced in 2014 and it came back again recently when a US congressman was hacked just to demonstrate this flaw. This kinda reminds me of those spy movies where the Government spies on suspects and the likes. Say what you want, but you cannot deny that Karma is real!

image I’m pretty sure you’re thinking: tell me how to protect myself goddammit! I’m sorry to disappoint you, but for now, there is no security patch or firewall or shield; since the vulnerability comes from the mobile phone network infrastructure.

Oh, it gets worse: the perpetrator could track you independent of GPS! How cool, I mean scary is that?! There is one life line though; you could power off your phone; but what is the point of having a phone if it is going to be switched off all the time? All we can do is sit and pray earnestly that a patch is done soonest else, well, no one is safe.

First it was no privacy on the Net, now even when you’re offline you’re still been monitored?! Is this “technology” of a thing more of a menace than a blessing? Let’s hear your opinion in the comment section below.

PS: Word of Advice – Be careful who you give your phone number(s) to.

Image credit: The Guardian.

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