Chrome’s dinosaur game now on iOS


Remember that dinosaur easter egg in Chrome? Well it’s now on iOS but with a little makeover and a really.. dunno wether to say catchy or corny name. Anyways, it’s called “Steve the dinosaur”. I’ll list the changes below:

  1. You could unlock more characters like the ninja turtles at $0.99 per character.
  2. Instead of it being back and white, it’s in color mode(when playing with the dinosaur)img_4397

There are however a few things to note:

The most important being the fact that Google is letting it slide; though that may partly be due to the fact that the developer(Ivan de cabo) said it was designed as a tribute and not a form of plagiarism. Although this is not the first adaptation of the Chrome easter egg, it is the first on iOS.

This is not an app per say… Lemme explain; there is an actual app but all it does is teach you how to add a widget to the iOS notification center if you do not know how to. After adding the widget, you could easily slide down and start playing without even unlocking your phone.

According to De Cabo, he said this was just a weekend side project that was meant to do two things:

  • Challenge him
  • Prove tha a feat like this could be pulled off.

I do have some personal concerns though; the major one being the fact that: hope this does create some kind of security loop-hole.

Secondly, hope the high download rates and general rating is not short-lived. As it stands currently, De Cabo reports daily downloads of about 40,000 – 50,000 per day and an overall 400,000 downloads, and counting! I got to say, this is really a rare feat for a simple widget game. Why I still have reservations about the life span of this app is the fact that it reminds me of Flappy bird in some way.

Anyways, the app is free to download from the store. Do play and tell us how well you like the game. Does it really live up to the hype? Or is it just Apple developers as usual.

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