Twitterific loses two features before Twitter’s third-party API purge

We expect that by the 16th of August, Twitter will limit the performance of third-party apps since by then it will be releasing a few major Application Programming Interface (API) changes. However, we have already begun to see some of those changes. According to the reports that have gotten to us from our sources, third-party app, Twitterific, has announced that two of its major features are soon to be removed. They are push notifications and live updating tweets.

At the current moment, both of these features (push notifications and live updating tweets) have not technically been removed yet, be that as it may, because of this update, Twitterific is making preparations as it is about to lose the API that enabled them since the ability to purchase push notifications while in the app and adding a new automatic refresh function that ought to copy and to some extent replace the live-updating option that is about to be unoperational will sooner or later be removed.

For those who have already bought the push notifications feature, they will still function properly until the 16th of August when Twitter will be shutting down the old Application Programming Interface (API), which has brought about the developers of Twitterific giving recommendations that users should use the official Twitter app which seems to be what Twitter had hoped to achieve when it shuts down the API.

If we look at it from a certain perspective, we will find that it is actually interesting that the team of Twitterific is making efforts to see that the functionality of the app is maintained as much as possible even though a huge change that they cannot control is about to come. On the other hand, it is quite disheartening to see that Twitter is aiming to remove some of the mediums by which users interact with the social media platform.

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