Twitter suspends 70 million accounts in two months

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, in the two months that have passed, Twitter suspended 70 million accounts in a bid to bring down the rate of malicious activity that was evident on the platform. And as a result, the rate of suspensions for both the months of May and June according to the reports is two times the suspension rate as at October last year.

A lot of years have gone by since the emergence of criticisms of Twitter for the poor methods the company employed in putting to a stop the activities of certain individuals, most especially, abusive users. Because of the range at which the Russian disinformation campaigns were revealed, the company, alongside Facebook had to bear with increasing pressure from the masses to stop trolls and spam.

Twitter stated that it had been putting in a lot of work to make sure that its safety policies were developed in a blog post the company made in the previous month and that its “systems identified and challenged more than 9.9 million potentially spammy or automated accounts per week.”

According to reports our sources gave us, the change in enforcement could bring about a serious decline in the amount of users for the second quarter of the company, however, an executive at Twitter gave us information that a lot of the accounts hardly made any tweets and as such it will not have any significant impact on the active user count of the company.

A spokesperson at Twitter made a statement to one of our sources and in that statement he stated that the company took note that in its first quarter shareholder letter this year, the “ongoing information quality efforts” had a negative impact on the monthly users, and that in fact these efforts could continually have impact on the number of users in years to come.


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