Twitter, weeding out bad follower accounts

Twitter will stop including accounts that have been locked for bad behavior in publicly posted follower counts, the company said today. Accounts that are locked for violating the company’s standards remain frozen unless the owner logs back in and resets their password. From now on, those locked accounts won’t be counted as followers of any account they had followed.

According to Twitter, there are a lot of people who will lose about four of their followers or less because of this change. Large accounts on the other hand will lose much more than that. One of our sources reported that the account of President Donald Trump lost 100,000 followers as soon as Twitter made the change and the account of former President Barack Obama lost 400,000.

Vijaya Gadde, the overseer of Twitter’s safety team said in a tweet that, “You should be confident that the follower numbers presented across Twitter are meaningful and accurate. We’re introducing a change to follower counts as part of our work to make Twitter a more trusted service for public conversation.”

Some of the reasons that will cause Twitter to lock up an account include; when a large volume of replies or mentions are tweeted, “misleading” links are tweeted, and when an account is blocked by a large number of accounts after the account has mentioned them. An account can also be locked for less objectionable reasons say, if the email and password of an account is posted online as part of a leak.

When we reached out to Twitter, we did not get any details regarding if they would stop displaying engagement numbers from accounts that will be locked, such as for instance, eliminating likes and retweets from posted accounts.

These changes will be employed as soon as possible, in the words of Twitter, in “the next few days.” The follower counts on their own part will continually be changing as Twitter works to weed out more bad accounts from the platform.

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