Twitter, putting more live news events in timelines and notifications

Twitter is working to improve its platform. According to the reports reaching us from our sources, the top of every user timeline will now have live events as well as tweets about them. It may even include live videos fashioned to help its users get the best and most significant tweets for live events that are taking place at that exact moment.

The company stated that it could even send personal notifications to each user if there is an occurrence of an event that it thinks you’ll have interest in. It also said that the important events will be put at the top of user timelines alongside pictures of the event and a text recommending that you tap on the pictures and see what’s going on.

The Explore tab will be remodeled to focus on the new features and it will include sections as: Trending, a For You tab, as well as News and Sports. The search panel will also carry buttons that direct users to the new views when clicked on.

The remodeling will look like this: there will frequently be a live video at the top of user timelines and beneath it, a summary of the event. Below the summary, tweets about it will be subdivided into some groupings, the first of which is “Recap”. Recap gives you a highlight of what you may have missed regarding the event and the next one is “Latest” which will be a list of tweets that are upcoming. There is a possibility that another tab could be added and that includes one the company calls, “Top Commentary”.

The aim of this according to Keith Coleman, the Vice President of product is to empower newer users with the knowledge that power users already have which is finding the best tweets via search and following the right accounts.

Although this feature sounds like Twitter Moments, it’s not. It only seems like it because the team that created Moments is the same team working on this feature.

The feature doesn’t have a name yet, but it is somewhat useful seeing as it came just in time for the world cup.

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