Samsung upgrades the Chromebook Plus

One of the Chromebooks that was mostly talked about last year will be getting an upgrade this month. The announcement of the second generation of the Chromebook Plus was made by Samsung a few days ago. The company said that it will have a second camera and a new processor.

This new model called the Chromebook Plus (V2) is not too different from the original version that was released early last year. This device like the original has the ability to switch between laptop and tablet modes, and it has a built-in pen that doesn’t need to be charged before it can be used.

The variation that is easily noticeable is the processor which has been changed from an ARM chip to a chip designed by Intel. The original model used an ARM chip that enabled it to run Android apps when Android support was newly brought into Chrome OS. The chip used formerly was handpicked by Google for that reason.

The ARM processor was the only thing that separated the Chromebook Plus from the Chromebook Pro although they were both announced at the same time last year. The Chromebook Pro used a high-powered Intel Core processor and the new Plus version will have a lower-end processor of the Celeron line. According to our sources, this new chip is said to be faster, but on the downside it can’t run Android apps. Right now, we don’t have any information concerning an upgraded model of the Chromebook Pro.

The second camera which is placed at the rear is a 13-megapixel f/1.9 camera to support the front camera that’s 1-megapixel used for video chats with family, friends, or customers. The Chromebook Plus (V2) comes with a MicroSD card reader for more storage and two USB-C ports that have capacities for 4K output display. It has a 12.2-inch screen with a 1080p display, and the system has the ability to run for about 8 hours after being charged just once.

From the 24th of June, the Chromebook Plus (V2) will be made available at Best Buy for the price of $499.99.

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