Tutorial:How can I capture a screenshot on my Galaxy Note 7?

Understandably, taking a screenshot on your phone happens to be one of the most fundamental functions to say. And in a culture of its predecessor Notes, the Galaxy Note 7 is giving the user an array of ways to capture his screen.

Tutorial:How can I capture a screenshot on my Galaxy Note 7?

Basically we have two very convenient ways of taking a regular full-screen screenshot to keep for yourself or even share. In this guide we will talk about the common means of using your power and home button. Then we will walk you through the process of using your S Pen to draw on and as well as customize screenshots with Screen Write. Okay let us go.

Capturing a standard one-page screenshot

You can not undermine the importance of screenshots. It could be in a situation where you are showing a friend some stuff or better still trying to save some piece of information for yourself quickly; another instance is when you are troubleshooting an issue.

The first means we will be examining here as to taking a screenshot on the Note 7 is with the home and power button.

Tutorial:How can I capture a screenshot on my Galaxy Note 7?

To start with, you have to open the content you intend to screenshot.

Okay, simultaneously (that is at the same time), press and hold both the power button and home button. Hold on to both buttons at the same time for like say two seconds.

Okay? Now of you have done that correctly, you will see the screen briefly flash, after which you see a notification appear.

You could simply go through your notifications, there you will catch sight of the screenshot as well as presenting to you options to edit, delete or share it.

The next means we will be looking at is taking screenshot with the S Pen as well as Screen Write

Tutorial:How can I capture a screenshot on my Galaxy Note 7?

Alright, the Note 7 also has an extra way of taking screenshots. This one have to do with the robust Screen Write app this time deploying your S Pen. Although this might seem quite some geek thing, it is actually very valuable when you intend writing on whatever you’re looking to screenshot.

To take a Screen Write screenshot on the Note 7:

So just as usual, you will first have to open the content you plan to screenshot.
Follows this by bringing out the S Pen launching Air Command. After this you can simply tap on Screen Write.

Now the screen will flash capturing just one screenshot.

From there you are automatically referred to the an editing pane. At this plane, you can now write on the screen via your S Pen.

Look and you will see in the top toolbar, options to differ the very color of your S pen. It is also possible to bring in an eraser as well as undo/redo your strokes.

When you are through, click on Crop, Share or Save to round up your work.

And that is it! Hope this guide helps you enjoy your Galaxy Note 7 more.

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