Tutorial: Setting up Google Drive on your Android phone

How do I use Google Drive on Android?

Today it is no flattering on Google Drive’s part that it is being considered one of the handiest cloud storage services you can get, presenting its users with 15GB of free space. This data storage facility can be reached with just every device with no restriction so long there is an internet connection. USB thumb drives are now being relegated to share hostels with the dinosaurs, USB thumb drives are going extinct!

Tutorial: Setting up Google Drive on your Android phone

Now when a user sets his Android phone, he will be demanded to add his Google account. Practically, there is nothing else you will bring in addition to your google account to make use of Google Drive. In this tutorial, we will explain the procedures to follow when setting up your personal Google Drive.

How can I on Android, add an account to my Google Drive

So in the situation where you have already set up your Gmail account on your Android device, then all you need do is launch Google Drive performing steps 1-3 as stipulated below. There are times where you would love to add another account say a work email address, in that case, move on after step 3.

Launch Google Drive your app drawer or conveniently launch it from your home screen.

Next, Tap the next arrow which you can see in the bottom right corner via the start screen.
Okay, next click Done. Do you see it? Right there in the bottom right corner of the screen.
After you have done this properly, click on the menu button appearing in the top left corner of your screen. The sight of the menu button resembles this ☰.

Tutorial: Setting up Google Drive on your Android phone

So when you want to add another account, click on the dropdown arrow appearing next to the present account which you have tied to your Google Drive. If you have done that, Tap Add account. Next, click the kind of account you prefer using. Your options even run across using Twitter!

Tutorial: Setting up Google Drive on your Android phone

Okay, at this point, you may input your security measure in case you have a pattern lock or say PIN lock on your phone.

Next enter your login credentials or email address, this connected with the kind of account you wish to add. Okay click Next. After this, input your Password, and follow this by tapping Next in the bottom right corner.

Adding another account

Now click Accept. Next click on the circle appearing next to a payment option. Follow this by clicking Continue.

Adding another account

If you have followed the procedures properly, the account you intend to add will be added to your Android phone. This was be appropriately used with other Google apps, like Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and many others!

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