Tutorial: How You Can Simply Delete an Instagram Draft

Well Instagram is the happening thing now right? Pictures, pictures,pictures…selfie! Now let us say you wanted to post a picture on Instagram and for some reasons, you choose not. Instagram will give you the option of saving it in format of a draft. You could come back some other day finish editing it and whoosh post it! But in some cases you get disinterested in the picture and want to dispose it without posting, you will need to delete it from your draft. But how do we go about this? Gehgeh…don’t fret. It is very simple deleting it. Just this it is quite hidden. Let us look at it in this simple tutorial.

Okay you start by opening Instagram, from there you could proceed to posting a photo. Now move look on top of all the photos you have on your phone, above you see a Drafts section. In your drafts, you will see you saved photos, you can post it if you choose to, otherwise to delete it which is the purpose of this tutorial, click on manage.

After that you will now click Edit.

You will then make a selection of the drafts you want intend deleting, then on top, you will see the option to discard the post. Click on it confirming your decision. It is as simple as that!

And with that, the unwanted draft will be gone.

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