Instagram’s stolen Stories feature has overthrown Snapchat’s original Stories in number of users

You should know how painful it is when the person that copied from you in an examination scores higher than you. That is exactly the circumstance Snapchat has found itself. Sometime ago, Instagram incurred the wrath of many for copying Snapchat’s Stories feature, but this anger has melted and Instagram’s Stories has been more adopted than Snapchat’s Stories.

This was confirmed by statistics released by Instagram confirming that its Stories feature now boasts more than 200 million daily users. When compared to Snapchat’s 158 million users of its stories feature, this puts Instagram in front.

It is no secret Instagram has been energetically copying many features from Snapchat other than the Stories. Instagram’s long neck is always peering at Snapchat’s work having previously “giraffed” pinned stickers from Snapchat. With pin stickers, you gained the capability to pin stickers to a part of the video, this way the sticker drifts along with the subject in the video. You could also produce stickers from your very selfies, which was really real. So bad for Snapchat as it can’t cover its paper from the copying Instagram

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