Tutorial: How You Can Factory Reset Your Galaxy Note 5

Thera a really a bucketful of hitches you could actually resolve with factory resetting your Galaxy Note 5. There could be circumstance where the Note 5 is annoyingly slowed down by a string of apps where it would be best you for a fresh start. Or it could also be the case where you actually installed an update which didn’t go well —then you shut your phone off only for the result to sadly turn out that it is not booting anymore. At this point selling your phone might actually sound very appealing but then trust me it is not the best option here. A surely improved choice is a factory reset!

Tutorial: How You Can Factory Reset Your Galaxy Note 5

Practically the reason for factory resetting your Note 5 may vary, but listed here are the guaranteed procedures to follow as to executing a factory reset of your Galaxy Note 5; either via means of physical buttons in the situation where your phone is turned off or probably through the settings menu.

Please be reminded all the same that factory resetting your Galaxy Note 5 will completely clear off the data from the phone. So it is preferable and safer you go about backing up your contacts and pictures as well as documents or any stuff of note best (preferably in the cloud)- first before you factory reset it.

Now we will first go about factory resetting the Galaxy Note 5 with hardware buttons

Although making use of the settings menu ( we will come to that) to proceed on factory resetting your Note 5 is the most conventional method, there is that worst case scenario where your phone will fail to boot. In such predicament, you could resort use the physical buttons on your phone. Actually, it is mandatory for your phone to be off for the success of this method.

Now hold down the volume up button, the home button, as well as the power button (holding down all three at the same time releasing them only when the Android recovery screen comes up.)
If you have done this and the android recovery screen pops up, press volume down a count of four times after which the wipe date/factory reset would be highlighted.

Okay now press the power button just one time. After this press volume down seven times after which Yes — delete all user data should be highlighted. After this press the power button just one time again.

If you have followed the procedures properly your phone will be factory reset. So now, you can press the power button upon the completion of the data wipe so as to reboot your phone.

Okay now you have learnt to factory reset your galaxy note 5 the hard way. Now let us consider adopting the usual approach of a factory reset the Galaxy Note 5 via the settings menu

Simply launch the Settings app from the from the app drawer or better still from the home screen.Okay now swipe left on the heading menu. After this click on Personal. Follow this by clicking on Backup and reset.

Tutorial: How You Can Factory Reset Your Galaxy Note 5

Click on Factory data reset. After this tap Reset Device. Finally click on Delete All.

Tutorial: How You Can Factory Reset Your Galaxy Note 5

So now you have been able to factory reset your galaxy note 5. You can now proceed to restoring your data you backed up.

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