Antivirus software maker Avast to buy AVG in $1.3 billion deal


There seem to be an upcoming marriage among the aristocrats in the Antivirus society. Two top IT dignitaries in the likes of Avast and AVG would be joining in one holy official matrimony. Avast has made announcement of its intentions to purchase AVG for a tone of $1.3 billion. This amounts to a $25 per share price in what is anticipated to be one deal to be perpetrated all in cash.

Antivirus software maker Avast to buy AVG in $1.3 billion deal

As released by Avast:

The process does not allow us to talk a lot about how we would operate after combining, etc. so I can just say a little. I do think this combination is great for our users. We will have over 250 million PC/Mac users enabling us to gather even more threat data to improve the protection to our users. In mobile, our combined 160 million mobile users will be used to improve protection as well as to provide an important stepping stone into the Internet of things. Additionally, we will be gaining some exciting mobile technology designed to protect families on line. In SMB, we will be better able to support our business users with a larger geographic footprint, better technical support, and the best technologies from our two companies.

For now though the deal is yet in its adolescent stages. And would need the maturing touches of AVG’s shareholders’ approval, and then the green-light from government regulators. Ultimately, According to an avast post, the process is anticipated to “take a few months”.

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