Tutorial: How to simply find your Android Phone if lost or stolen

Google has already been credited with the success of allowing Android users track their stolen or possibly misplaced smartphones both by means of searching as well as by making use of the standalone Android Device Manager app. And now the company is taking one extra step of security further in ascertaining where precisely exactly your lovely valuable device is on a map — and it is even compatible with iPhones this time around. Yeah, kinda.

How to simply find your Android Phone if lost or stolen

So when you lose your phone either to theft or misplacement, all you need do is proceed to Google’s My Account hub after which you will locate a new “Find your phone” option. Click on this, and when you do so you can now make the phone ring at its peak volume. You can even lock it (via a message as well as contact number on the lock screen). Or even locating its precise position of the phone making use of the Device Manager.

How to simply find your Android Phone if lost or stolen

Though all this I have said here are particularly restricted to Android. Should you be on iOS, My Account will lead you to iCloud and Apple’s Find My iPhone tracking. This is only appropriate considering that Google doesn’t have the capacity to wield such control of Apple’s devices.

Yet we must commend Google for introducing this protruded level of convenience in finding your handset in those moments of panic which comes with missing phone. And it could even turn out much more faster allowing you quick access to My Account in any case you Google “I lost my phone.” Even now, I can see a map telling me the last position of my Android phone when I search for lost phone.

“When you entrust your data to Google, you should expect powerful security and privacy controls,” the product manager of Google’s account controls, Guemmy Kim said in a blog post.

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