Tutorial: Creating Special Custom Ringtones for Your Android Phone

Congratulations, you are a proud owner of a fresh Android phone now. You move to critically privatize it, so you get to change your wallpaper. Okay, you want it more like your own , so you get a case suiting your taste, moved to adjust your home screens to personal preference …and now the phone is so yours that its has even your body smell. Almost breaking into a smile, till you receive a call. Then you get to realize that the phone is not that greedily personalized, because you are using a stock ringtone. So, you still sharing common features with others, you could get worried that the phone is not yet yours fully. Now you want to make typically sound to your taste again.

Tutorial: Creating Special Custom Ringtones for Your Android Phone

I must commend you for your “self-contain” life; that adept sense of privacy and being special. So should you want to get more private and even make your personal ringtones for your Android phone, it is not that difficult to say, not even difficult at all. There are lot of ways to go about this, either through the desktop, on the web. So once you have cooked the perfect tone, all there is to do is dropping it into the appropriate folder.

Now prior to hitting the tutorial proper, let us be reminded that it is only possible to go about this with with files you actually have—this procedures don’t really work with streaming music. It is rather even unfortunate that you can’t edit music downloaded for offline playback from Google Play Music or something closed related either. This gives us only the option of accessing a tried and true MP3 file.

So you have one now? Let is continue therefore.

For purpose of this tutorial, we are going to dwell particularly on using the web to create custom ringtones. The easiest means about doing this on the web is via using “MP3 Cut”.

Doing things for which encoders and software downloads, encoders, is not really everyone’s specialty. So this makes it pretty cooler that all we have to do with this procedure is on web, so no big tweak and geek knowledge needed here. We will be requiring mp3cut.net’s online audio cutter particularly for this task. The essence is that it gives you the opportunity to open files from your computer, as well as from the compatibility of syncing with Dropbox,Dropbox, as well as making use of a custom URL. In plain words, it is what anyone can do! Let us move straight at it.

So after you have now opened mp3cut.net, proceed to click on the “Open File” link. It is hard to miss that big blue box. So now, simply choose the file you intend to cut. After that it will upload with a cool animation appealing to the eyes. So we are moving on, from here.

Tutorial: Creating Special Custom Ringtones for Your Android Phone

The first thing that will come to your notice is that MP3 Cut only makes use of sliders for the the selection area—it is not really possible to fine-tune it like with Audacity ( which happens to be a free, open source, cross-platform audio editor for the purpose of editing MP3 file). Truth is this introduces some little inconveniences but then should you be a perfectionist, that wouldn’t be bad. Now also to come to your notice is the options for “Fade out” and “Fade In.” This is actually cool should you decide on making the tone more kind of subtle.


So proceed to beginning the movement of the sliders until they reach your precise preference. So based on your taste slide the “Fade in” and “Fade out” toggles.

Should there be an underlying factor that you save this file as something different from an MP3, you could possibly carry that out at the bottom. Don’t forget though that MP3s is most compatible for Android ringtones.

Tutorial: Creating Special Custom Ringtones for Your Android Phone

So when you are through with both the file type and the selection, move on to click the “Cut” button. Without delay, it will process the file, giving you the download link. There is no complexity to this all!

Tutorial: Creating Special Custom Ringtones for Your Android Phone

So now, we are done, no bigger deal than this. Thus your fresh new tone is now on for you to transfer—you could possibly transfer it in the cloud or over USB.

There are a couple of means to go about transferring the file to your phone, as mentioned, it is possible through the computer over USB, or even simply saving it to a cloud storage service,an example of such compatible cloud storage is Dropbox or Google Drive. There is no strict essence to anyone you choose, so you could use anyone. It is actually faster over USB.

If you choose to transfer over USB, all you need to is creating a new folder. This should be on the root of the partition of the device’s storage. (this actually happens be the default location once you open the phone via means of an file explorer) tagged “Ringtones,” then simply proceed to copy/paste the file there. It is that simple.

Tutorial: Creating Special Custom Ringtones for Your Android Phone

If it is cloud storage you chose , simply save the file to the Ringtones folder appearing on the root of the storage partition. You could as well create one should that folder not exist.

Tutorial: Creating Special Custom Ringtones for Your Android Phone

This way Android wastes no time in seeing fresh-out-the block personalized ringtones in Settings > Sounds > Phone ringtone. In some cases, the phone would have to reboot first before they display. You also have the function of dedicating your custom ringtones to specific contacts, this way you are informed from the ringtone who is calling.

Tutorial: Creating Special Custom Ringtones for Your Android Phone

So that is it. You now have personally suited Android custom ringtones rocking on your Android phone!

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