How To Turn The Simple Knowledge You Already Have To Cash

If you have been online for a while now, (whether you have made money or not) you already KNOW a lot of things.


For example, you know that you need to offer a kind of product or service before money can be made.

That’s the foundation knowledge for all kinds of business whether offline or online.

But apart from that, you have learnt many other things from different courses, books and videos.

Most people make the mistake of thinking the only way to make money is selling adverts on blogs or until they start selling eBooks on how to make money online.

Well not really.

You see, you can make money from the knowledge you already have. But the big mistake is that we usually undervalue our knowledge.

For example do you know someone can pay you money to learn how to open, write and send emails?

(Someone offered to pay me for that recently)

So don’t undervalue any simple knowledge you have.

What you think is easy is hard for another person.

For example, for me, writing articles, crafting sales letters and selling is easy for me, for many people it’s not.

I can (I do make) money using my knowledge.

So in this article you’ll discover 3 ways to convert this so called simple knowledge into cash.

Are you ready?

Let’s go.

Here’s a hint.

Transform Your Knowledge Into A Service Or Product.

Here are some examples.

  1. Start A Service

If you have any skill or knowledge of any kind, then you can offer services to people who can pay for it.

Example 1- Writing Services

If you own a blog or know how to write, then this will come easy for you. You can start a writing service where people pay you to write for them.

It’s not a new thing. People already do this on Fiverr.

You can have a hire page on your blog or go out and solicit for writers.

See an example of a page offering services.

People pay a lot of money for quality articles and writers. So instead of struggling to make money online start offering services writing to other bloggers, writers and people offline.

You can be even paid monthly per article.

Example 2: Setup Blogs

If you know how to setup blog like BlogSpot or WordPress blogs, you can also offer this service. Many people don’t know how to do these things. In fact even if they read books and watch videos about these topics, most people will want experts to handle these things for them.

You can be that person.

So offer these services on your blog or even to people around you. You can even offer this offline.

I am currently offering web design services to schools and get paid very well for it.

  1. Products

All the simple knowledge you have can be converted into simple products. If you know how to craft good graphic designs, then you can have a product about…how to craft graphic designs.

If you know how to open and send emails, you can craft a product on how to open and send emails.

You may think this is funny but I promise you it’s not.

There are many people who don’t know what you know (even if you think what you know is too simple) and will pay to learn it.

So you can create simple products.

I am currently working on a simple product on how to write quality articles.

  1. Coaching

Just like you can offer services and create simple products around your simple knowledge, you can also coach people who want to learn how to do what you do.

So if you know how to create blogs, you can create a simple 1 day coaching program teaching people who how to set up blogs.

Coaching cost more and is usually more valuable to participants.

You can coach people on anything even if you are not a guru. Coaching is about teaching people LIVE what you know.

For example, a friend of mine is very good with short story writing. She has won some awards but for some reason did not see herself as a guru and because of that she refused to heed my advice.

But recently, she has decided to coach people on story writing.

So I am now coaching her on how to structure and offer that service.

You can do the same thing.

So these are the 3 simple ways you can convert the knowledge you already have into cash.

Go and start taking action.

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