Tumblr reintroducing Replies which it abandoned November last year

Tumblir has introduced increased convenience for its users to interact among themselves. Today the platform famous for blogging purposes is returning replies as it also proceeds with the launch of the redesign of its note features. For some time now, Tumblir has had its hands full with completely revamping the reply format since it threw off the feature November last year. Previously, readers had the capacity to make a reply in a one-directional interaction but this time the readers just as much as the authors can leave comments. With the new update in place, users can reply more than once on the same post with the replies being enabled on reblogs. There is the choice of turning this off as well.

Tumblr reintroducing Replies which it abandoned November last year

Tumblr reintroducing Replies which it abandoned November last year

Authors can now enable restrictions as to who and who can leave comments on their posts. They can allow only Tumblrs they follow to comment or generously allow everyone on the platform. It is also possible for authors to open up the reply feature to Tumblrs they follow as well as the Tumblrs following them back for a minimum of seven days. Unfollowing readers can at once block them, disabling their capacity to reply again subsequently.

Notes wouldn’t be seeing much changes but then the redesign will afford users the ability to follow conversations with more ease by means of applying filters to whatever they happen to view. So rather than of seeing all reblogs, replies,as well as likes, a better resort would be for users to sort them by means of reblogs and replies also bringing in additional commentary.

Through means of the in-depth modifications to replies and notes, Tumblr is making a strong attempt to ramp up conversations as well as possibly assemble communities on the blogging platform. Since its acquisition by Yahoo, Tumblr has especially been on the lookout for growth avenues. Yahoo equally does the hosting of its very websites on Tumblr, so it is very likely that the changes will facilitate the building of audiences on those blogs.

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