Top 5 amusement parks in Nigeria

Are you in search of a cool place to take your kids to during the weekends? You should really consider amusement parks and I can guarantee that your children will love you more for it once they get the experience. Below are some parks you should consider:

Funplex Park and Rides

Funplex Amusement Park is an amusement park that is located in Magodo-Shangisha area of Kosofe Local Government Area in Lagos State, Nigeria. The reason this park was created was so that children as well as their folks can be provided with an opportunity to have some fun. In the Funplex Amusement Park, there are a lot of activities people can get into which include getting on the Pirate Ship, a Carousel, go frog jumping, get on the Ocean wave flying chair, get on bumper cars, the bug one train, sand pit, and the bouncing castle.

The park covers a total land mass of about 3,000 square metres, the surrounding around the park is safe and the experience families get from the park is nothing like they could have ever imagined.

Parkland Amusement Centre

Parkland Amusement Park is another one of the really cool amusement parks in Nigeria. It is located at about 10 minutes away (if you are driving) from Jacaranda casino at the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos State. Close to the park are cinemas and shopping malls for you to take your kids either to see a movie or buy them something nice. Apart from that, you could still get the kids engaged in any of the fun and entertaining activities in the park, you can get them to play in bouncing castles, play arcade games or even go swimming as there is a pool within the park.

Also within the suburban areas of Ikeja, a family can visit the GET Arena in Oniru which has a go kart track, arcade games, or they can even play sports that can only played on water in the beachfronts.

Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park

Another top grade amusement park in Nigeria is the Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park. The park has a lot of exhilarating fun activities that are outdoors and it also has some games that can be played indoors as well. There are no age ranges, the games and activities are for kids and adults and some of these fun games include Enterprise, Outdoor Ride, Dream Machine, Samba Ballon, Mexican Fiesta, Bumper Car, Indoor Game, Ice Rink, Hoopla, Spring Ride, Kite Flyer, Bouncing Castle, Talking Tree, attraction center, Operation Ghost, amusement pack, Dark Escape game, game center, Terminator Salvation, and so much more.

Hi-Impact Planet is reputed to be the first amusement park in Nigeria that offers the highest grade of fun and games that are sure to boost one’s adrenaline. This park also has a hotel, a multipurpose hall, a food court, a clinic, and even structures offering banking services.

Ramat Park

Ramat Park is an amusement park that is in a certain way triangular in shape. It was created and named after General Murtala Ramat Mohammed, a former military Head of State of Nigeria who was murdered on the 13th of February, 1976. The edge of the Park on the left side is connected with Ikpoba slope which leads to the city of Benin while on the lower right, it is linked with Agbor road which leads to Delta State and on the upper right, it is linked to Auchi Road which leads to Kogi State and down to Abuja.

In the park, a sculpture of the late Head of State is placed on a pedestal. The park has a lot of fun activities and games which kids and even teenagers can get into and it is also home to the Ikpoba Okha Local Government Council Marriage Registry. They open from 7 am to 8 pm.

SplashWorld Water Park

SplashWorld Water Park is another one of the best amusement parks you can find in Nigeria and it is even the first water park ever to be created in the whole of West Africa. The park occupies a land mass of 15 acres in Ikogosi-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The park provides its visitors with an amazing view of nature due to its location as it is surrounded by mountains, tropical forests, and a host of other incidences of nature. When you talk of hospitality, entertainment, leisure, food and drinks, expect to get the highest quality in the SplashWorld Water Park.

In the park, you get to do some fun activities like go on water slides, water rides, and kids can go into the Children’s Water Playhouse. You are certain to get fun, entertainment and adventure when you visit SplashWorld Water Park.

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