Top 5 NGO’s in Nigeria

Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s) are organizations that are not part of the government and are not formed for the purpose of making profit. However, they could be funded by the government, foundations, businesses, and even private individuals.

Some of the Non-Governmental Organizations we have in Nigeria include:

The Deloitte Foundation

This particular Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is one that was formed to sponsor education in Nigeria. The major objective of the Deloitte Foundation is to provide assistance in the development of the future generation – their talents and general skill sets – so as to empower them to influence their society. The foundation is also interested in the promotion of excellence as regards teaching and research. What they basically do is offer training to individuals who will in turn train others, that is the young.

Deloitte Foundation is concerned with the ability of young people to overcome challenges in the world of business. People who work for this foundation get access to an MBA, fellowships, professorship, and so much more. The foundation empowers educate people thereby empowering them to initiate social projects that will be beneficial to the poorer areas and people in society.

Oxfam international

Oxfam International is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) whose centre of focus is helping the poor among Nigerians. So basically this is a charity organization for the poor citizens of the nation. In fact, they do not only help the poor masses, they are an organization that is concerned about the well-being of the individuals who work for them. Oxfam International is interested in its employees so much so that they work hard to give them the much needed comfort they could possibly provide even while they work.

When you work for this organization, you become exposed to the world, in the sense that you are provided with a vast chance to become a better person in your career or occupation as there are a lot of programs designed to help you reach that goal.

UR4 Africa

The next NGO on our list is UR4 Africa. What this Non-Governmental Organization does is promote media available in Africa. UR4 Africa after promoting a certain African media, they use the media they have created to effect the experiences and livelihood of the African people via the tool of engagement in communal activities as well as education. Much further than that, they train interested persons on production, screen writing and photography.

In any case that one is a well experienced person in production, screen writing and even photography; and they are looking to share the knowledge they have gained, this is one really good place to begin.


Wecyclers is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is focused on the recycling of incentives or as it more technically called “incentive based recycling”. The term is used to refer to the growth in recycle rates by making an offer of a direct financial incentive to people in a bid to get them to get through the rigours of sorting their wastes. The organization for every two (2) months, holds an internship programme for individuals interested in working for them. The programme thus held is rooted on the basis of developing businesses in Nigeria.

The interns who are selected are allowed to work in close contact with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization so that they can receive first hand training – observing the day to day operations of the start-up company.

SOS Foundation

The last but not the least that we’ll be looking at today is SOS which stands for Skills Outside School. This is a Non-Governmental Organization in Nigeria whose concern is in providing students with the necessary aid to gain certain skills that would benefit them in the nation’s labour market. To be specific yet plain, the SOS foundation provides career mentoring sessions and skill acquisition workshops to those who are interested in learning something new so as to be better and important members of the society. Furthermore, the foundation commences and runs projects that will increase the efficiency of individuals so that they can be employable when they go out looking for jobs.

The foundation is also very much interested in the improvement of the health, safety and security of workers most especially commuters and/or mobile workers.

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