The mighty HTC One M10: What we could expect of the specs and release date

Despite the fact that there has been no official announcement of details, rumours are abound the internet rumbling about the upcoming debut of the HTC One M10, which is well seated in expectations to succeed the One M9. As we saw it, the One M9 had its release far back in March of last year. If we take into consideration the discouraging market reaction to the One M9+ and the One M9, it is only natural that expectations are ambitiously high for the next set of HTC’s flagship smartphone.

The mighty HTC One M10: What we could expect of the specs and release date

The mighty HTC One M10: What we could expect of the specs and release date

Going by reports, the One M10 is touted to be tagged Perfume, there is the buoyant hype all around this next smartphone as it has already been crowned HTC’s “most advanced smartphone ever.” Taking the assumptions of its schedule being primed to come out sometime in the next two months or even this April — it will for sure going to get busy on stuffy competition presented in the competent rivals of LG’s G5, Samsung’s Galaxy S7, Sony’s Xperia X line and even Xiaomi’s Mi 5 which had their announcement last month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Possible release dates

If we throw our minds back last year, we would recall that the M9 was launched at Mobile World Congress, HTC had rather taken too long in unveiling the the M10 at this year’s show, and going by reports,MIT could come out most probably by April.

HTC has really been throwing us around even pulling the legs of an upcoming event in a February 24 email which was addressed to journalists, with caption of “The Power of 10”. This was clearly calculated to throw attention on the new phone. Yet the company is still reluctant to nail a specific date.

What to expect of the Design

The mighty HTC One M10: What we could expect of the specs and release date

The mighty HTC One M10: What we could expect of the specs and release date

CEO Cher Wang occupying the position of chairwoman, delved into the plans of the company to execute the launch a “hero product” some time last June 2015, it wouldn’t be shocking if HTC is planning on not really bringing out a wonder which is only out of the box; but really a wonder very far out the box.

Going further by reports from Venturebeats , the handset would present a fingerprint scanner as well as a unibody aluminum design. Repeatedly sources have been pointing out that the case could be a waterproof. Sources feeding VentureBeat reveals that the One M10 could be skinned with HTC’s Sense 8.0 UI; not only that but also that its display stands a very high chance of featuring a 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution; a number of other confident sources have been piling credence to the rumour it will have an Active Matrix OLED display.

There is noticeable scarcity of details as regards the HTC One M10’s specs, but then two Twitter sources who have built reliability over time of late had released photos and specs in a leak. Some of the pictures suggest that the smartphone would come with a fingerprint scanner, dedicated menu as well as back buttons, also adding a matte black design not excluding the possibility of a USB Type-C charging port coming onboard for the HTC Ons M10.

There is strong claims that the phone boasts a 5.15-inch QHD display, Adreno 530 graphics chip, 4GB RAM and a 12-megapixel camera and a Snapdragon 820 processor. Well long in the business of leaking, @Evleaks made a reply to @OnLeaks’ tweet with a promotional photo of the supposed HTC One M10, which shows a design very close in resemblance. But then with a very close in functional design of a silver-and-white finish. The new information is doesn’t totally disagree with with previous murmurs which had brought forward the clue that the HTC One M10 will come well armed or the teeth with the Snapdragon 820 –this is no different chip from that which is feeding operating power to most of the most recent Android phones whose names we have mentioned above.

Vowing confidently, HTC promises to bring in a well enhanced camera for the M10. Chief Financial Officer Chialin Chang had announced in February: “We can confidently say that HTC will have a very, very compelling camera experience. We’re making this comment after we’ve seen what’s going on in the market.”

There is not much to say on the battery. For the M9, the battery was one obvious weakness as it was laced with a 2,840mAh cell. Of course, an upgrade in this regard is surely very welcoming; possibly we could get a 3,000mAh cell which can almost deliver for 24 hours. o

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