Microsoft will soon bring together the Windows 10 and Xbox One app stores

Microsoft is marrying its Windows together with its Xbox app stores. By June or so, accompanying the release of Windows 10’s Anniversary update, Microsoft will combine the two stores joining them into one functional union. According to Xbox lead Phil Spencer, this would enhance “a single unified store across devices.”

Microsoft will soon bring together the Windows 10 and Xbox One app stores


This could be a well expected step for the Windows 10. It has been cooking on Microsoft plans for some time now to have apps which are basically compatible with every device down form the desktop to Xbox to the phone. So in view of this objective, it makes little sense if Microsoft still distinguishes Xbox apps into their own store.

By the same timeline of June, July ; we stand to see universal apps getting their launch on Xbox well in the company of the update. The company is making strong attempts to simplify the job for developers — well included in this category is game developers . So that this way the technical path to follow is making their products into universal apps. We saw the company in its Build conference revealing that it has finished the production of a conversion tool which has the functioning capacity to switch new and old games into cross-platform apps automatically. The tool also gives developers the well needed avenue to bring in support for notifications, Live Tiles as well as Xbox One controllers. This way it doesn’t matter their original platform.

Also on Microsoft agenda is cutting the restrictions of intense technical know how so that just anybody from anywhere could easily begins their personal unaided development of apps as well as games. Such that at the aforementioned timeline, the company will now give the approval and avenue for owners to turn their console into a development kit even switching it back and forth between modes of developing and gaming.

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