Trendy Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mothers are the best of life’s gifts and it’s important to show them how much we appreciate them, especially on Mother’s day. Flowers, chocolates and perfumes are certainly cliché as tech gifts are more in vogue., Africa’s No. 1 online Hotel booking service has put together a list of trendy tech gifts to help you put a smile on mom’s face this mother’s day.



Ringly might have overwhelming aesthetics, but it’s designed to cut down on how much a phone can cut into real-life social interactions. Mom can slip it on her finger, so she’ll get alerts (a soft light on the side and a vibration) to texts, tweets, and other things she might want to know about without having to look at her phone. A fashionista mu would definitely appreciate this.

The Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung s6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung’s newest flagship device is a great choice for the tech savvy mom as it has a newly improved and streamlined photo menu, which makes it easy for her to take pictures of thing that interest her, especially her grandchildren. Other cool features include power-saving mode, as well as the ability to use wireless charging.

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag with Light


The Ralph Lauren Ricky with Light, a much sought-after item with its unique boxy shape and solid hardware, is a terrific gift for the chic mom. It has a panel of five LEDs that turn on when the purse snaps open and a USB charger for a smartphone built right into the bag.

Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia Tablet

The Sony Xperia Z4 is a rare waterproof tablet that also delivers on the good looks and swift performance. It is ultra-thin and light, also, the battery life of is quite outstanding on paper with over 52 days standby time and up to 10 hours of use time, making it the perfect device for your mum to carry in her bag everywhere she goes.

Audio-Technica noise-canceling headphones

Audio-Technica noise-canceling headphones

Sometimes moms just need a break from all the noise and crazy. These noise canceling headphones will do the trick .They are lightweight and fold flat, so they won’t take up too much room. A wonderful way to gift your mom with a moment of piece and quiet isn’t it?

Amazon Kindle Voyage

The most expensive ereader currently available, the Amazon Kindle Voyage is the best tech gift for the bookish mum. It is the thinnest and lightest Kindle, has very narrow bezels, and extra sharp displays. Unlike some other readers, the light adjusts according to the amount of light around you as well as to how much light you need, so your mom will not need to strain her eyes at any point.

Apple Watch Edition


Perfect luxury gift for the trendy mom. Though an Apple Watch Sport for $349 would be a cheaper option, the Apple Watch Edition is so much more chic and isn’t your mum deserving of so much more? This 18k gold model with a rose-gray band is is a gift that will put a smile on your mom’s face for a very long time.

SVP Aqua 550 Waterproof Camera

SVP camera

Moms just love to take pictures don’t they? The 18MP SVP Aqua 550 Waterproof Camera is shockproof, waterproof (it even has dual cameras for optimum underwater posing) and is easy to operate. Your mum would certainly want to have this!

Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Double-Wrap Bracelet

Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Double-Wrap Bracelet

An elegant way to keep you mom fitness conscious, the Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Double-Wrap Bracelet is the most stylish way to wear a fitness tracker. Fashion 2.0 Award winner for best Wearable Tech, it will certainly give your mom a reason to get up and run.

Brookstone Wireless Key Finder


There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend hours looking to find your car keys before leaving the house. The Brookstone’s Wireless Key Finder  has been designed to rescue her from such moment. She simply attaches the included key fob to her, so that when she can’t find her keys, she presses the button on the wireless transmitter, and the key fob will answer with an alarm. The device is capable of locating keys up to 60 feet away!

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