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Today, I want to share some businesses you can engage into in Nigeria with low or no risk and with little or no start up capital. These businesses doesn’t requires computer, but it requires your creativity and smartness.


Start A Training School or Start Your Own Business (Zero Capital Involved).
Did you have a skill or knowledge you believe you can share with people and they will be willing to pay? If yes, then you can start your own training school. I know some people reading this will be scared because of this title “Start Your Own Training School”, some will also ask themselves questions such as “Where will I start this?”, “Where will I get a startup capital?” and “What type of skill or knowledge can I impact to man for them to pay me back in return?”. Don’t be scared away because you don’t have money, you can start your own training school with Zero naira, you don’t necessarily need a shop before you can start, you can start this from the dorm of your room and make money. The main thing now is what type of skill and knowledge you need to impact? This is simple and easy. Just think of that thing you know and people will be willing to pay for and that problem in your environment that you can proffer a solution to. For example:

  • If you have a desktop lying in your room doing nothing, then you must be missing something because you can start teaching secondary school leavers and other people interested to know how to operate and use some computer programs how to use them.

  • If you have a video game with a small television, why can’t you tell those boys around you to come and play video games and charge them per minutes? I have seen wise people making living and even built house from this kind of business.

  • Most cities in Nigeria are suffering from bad electricity supply, why don’t you go to those cities and buy a little power generator (#8,000-#10,000) buy some power socket and desktop charger for charging phone batteries. People are making it with this type of business. I have seen people make a profit of #5,000 – #10,000 daily from this type of business.

What are you waiting for? Like I use to tell my friends that a word is enough for the wise, don’t expect me to start listing those business opportunities that you can start today, instead open your eyes and mind to the problems in your environment and proffer a solution people will be willing to pay for.

On the 24th of January 2012, I read a news online that Access Bank has acquired Intercontinental Bank and this has caused 1500 workers of intercontinental Bank to be sacked. This implies that the number of unemployed in Nigeria is now increased by 1500….. Now tell me that company that is ready to employ you? My word of advice for you today is to start doing something NOW!!!

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