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StumbleUpon has officially released 4.0 of StumbleUpon for Android. This new package presents navigation improvement with a better means to locating content- the user interface is a wide departure from the normal one.

stumbleupon redesigned

The design is suitable to Google’s Android app design guidelines, you could slide its pages in from left to right accompanied by a flat look reminiscent of the design of Android L’s Material. The drawer slide menu provided makes available to the user accessibility to his preferences such as likes, interests, as well as followers while notifications are displayed via the left drawer.

This new version presents the “Add To List,” which enables users to through the bottom-right button so as to curate items. You could swipe continuously to right so as to explore the categories as well as popping up new contents. You could also surf proposed links and get transported through the soft back key to the original Stumbles.

StumbleUpon mobile product manager, Amol Sogal emphasized that the company is vying to establish a dominant social media figure. This they heavily intend doing with the recent feature “Activity Centre” being the principal spur to this reality. This feature enables users to interact amongst themselves (those who share content) as well as following each other. “The Activity Center is really our first foray into bringing a lot of social features that our users love into the mobile experience,” he said.

Sogal reports that the company is experiencing a very healthy surge over the last year with new intents towards connecting people using smooth discovery of content. The company is expected to sow heavy bags of dollars in mobile and a rotund restructuring of the iOS app which is well anticipated sometime this summer!

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