Indian Inventor Makes Google Glass Clone

Here is one comic technology, an Indian inventor by name Arvin Sanjeev has designed a distinct wearable computer Raspberry-Pi-powered Google Glass clone. This design however weird, enables you to keep your location away from Google, activity data and even photo a much as you are engrossed with open source hardware.

Arvin Sanjeev

Arvin Sanjeev

Arvin Sanjeev designed this open source Google glass clone which is Raspberry-Pi-powered using some voice recognition software and Linux. It is known as the Smart Cap and it’s connected, for some reason, to a fairly ugly hat. This cap design which Gucci won’t buy for a dollar for its questionable fashion, combines some software as well as commodity components, a realistic combination of a headset. Well amazing!

The coupling is really affordable, that you could probably build a better one yourself, given the time and effort. Courtesy of the Raspberry-Pi, this device can work as a fashionable wearable computer, you could wear to a red carpet ceremony and get the paparazzi cameras chasing you- maybe for the weirdness though!

Hey, we got to lend this guy some doze of appreciation, it is really one distinct invention!

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