How to Start Grasscutter Farming Business in Nigeria

How would you feel if I tell you money is growing on the ground in Nigeria?


How would you feel if I tell you; rural settlement can actually make you live a financially robust life?

Of a truth knowledge is power and that is why I recommend you read this article to the end to see and know what grasscutter farming as a business venture as to offer you in this modern days.

Nigerians love bush meat and this has given rise to increase in the demand for grasscutter now, years ago grasscutter use to be hunt in the bush, but that will only make the animal to go into extinct but thank God for the science and technology that makes it easy to now rear grasscutter domestically and influence it’s growth and increase its number generally.

There is no how eateries will want to buy 100 Grasscutters from an hunter, because even hunters don’t get up to 20 by their stress hunting for grasscutter in the bush, but by rearing the animal, you can get even 1000 within a stipulated period of time, thereby making it production easier.

Grasscutter as a small animal with little body size doesn’t require much space and capital to start unlike other farm animals, with little space and capital you can start Grasscutter farming.

Grasscutter lives in colony that is; a number of 5 is good for a start, 4 females to 1male, taheir gestation period lasts for 5months and they are very prolific at production.

Many Nigerian youths especially at villages and rural settlement don’t need the potency of this business yet that is why they still complain with the masses – No job! Bla, bla, bla, if you start grasscutter farming in two year, it will marvel you what you stand to gain within assort period of time, and the beauty of the business is that the animal feeds on grasses and feeds that you can easily get around you; unlike poultry, in Grasscutter you don’t have to get into debt trying to feed them, No!

You can get fresh grasses like elephant grass, Guinea grass, concentrate, sugarcane leaves, vegetables, maize chaff and most of the residue and farm by-products to feed them and they will grow fat within a short period of time.

Now is the best time to start your own grasscutter farming, as it’s still a virgin Business in Nigeria, and a lot of people are beginning to discover the potential of grasscutter farming; so before it gets congested, start your own grasscutter farm now.

How Profitable is Grasscutter Farming?

Let me show you little out of the profitability of grasscutter farming business in Nigeria;

Grasscutters have been found to live in colonies of 1 male : 4 or 5 females.

One colony sells for N45,000 to N50,000 depending on the farmer.

I started with 8 females and 2 males, That is two colony.

A female can give birth to over 5 Grasscutlings or even more as the case maybe.

The 8 females littered only once in the first year=

8×5 = 40 Grasscutlings.

In the first year, the 8 female Grasscutters reproduced 40 Grasscutters.

That means i got 8 families from my original 2 family investment and the 8 families is valued at over N400,000.

Now in the second year, they littered twice again, which is their normal littering number per year.

That gave me 80 Grasscutlings in the second year which is 16 families.

The investment is now valued at over N800,000.

Can you see an increase?

That is how grasscutter farming can be so profitable for those that are ready to stop complaining about the job status in Nigeria and start something for themselves, now as I was saying, Grasscutter does not require a much space even 20 of them can still live in a simple iron cage under your staircase or at your backyard.

If you are a worker, grasscutter farming can actually be an additional source of income for you and if you invest well, you can quit your job to face your grasscutter business.

Grasscutter as the name is called feed on grasses and some other edible feeds, they have a strong teeth system so you are not to keep them in a wooden cage system but an iron cage, the reason is; they will get up the entire wood of the cage, so you are expected to use an iron cage system.

An example of best cage system for grasscutter can be found below;

grasscutter cagegrasscutter cage 2

You can start with more families depending on how much fund you have at your disposal and your target/budget for the business.

I will strongly recommend that you start on your own with the little you have for now and grow it with time.

Feeding Your Grasscutter

Grasscutter feed on a wide range of livestock feeds and grasses and some of them includes;

Elephant grass,

Tridax procumbens,


Maize chaff,

Corn bran, rice chaffs, rice bran, kitchen waste, concentrate (like rabbit pellets).

Their feeds are enormous and this makes it so easy to breed them and make profits.

What about the market?

The answer is very simple, the market is too profitable, is too massive, the demand is so high right now in Nigeria and beyond that you can’t meet it!

If you walk up to any restaurants, eateries, hotels anywhere in Nigeria, they are always ready to buy grasscutter at a large quantity due to the level of demand for it (been a bush meat, an average Nigeria loves bush meat), the last time I checked, I realize you cannot meet the demand level for grasscutter in the market and that is why any day you need money so bad and decide to sell all your grasscutter; there is already a buyer waiting to get them all at the market.

Now you have seen how profitable the business venture is; what else are you waiting for?

Start your own grasscutter farming business today.

However the little knowledge you just gained now is not enough to start grasscutter farming, there are still more that you really need to know, especially as regard handling and breeding the animal.

Where to get them and lots more like that; as a beginner I know there is a little you need to know, so I have written an ebook on grasscutter farming that promise to meet all your needs as regard the farming, and all you could ever want to know, about the market, feeding, medication, diseases, housing, management system, profitability and how to make good money within a short period of time, has been documented in the ebook.

Now in order to make it available to majority, I have made the price to be extremely affordable for any interested buyer

The ebook cost just #3000

I tell you, what you stand to gain from that ebook is actually more than you are paying , after you are done reading it, you would have been acquainted with the basic knowledge that will help you to start the business successfully.

To order for your own copy, make a deposit of #3000 at UBA

Account Name : Akanni Tolulope Matthew    

Account Number : 2061105094

Call 07066784204 or send me an email at, I would love to follow you up even after buying the ebook to see to it that you succeed in your grasscutter business venture, if you have further questions, you can drop them below.

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