Spotify, now streaming Archie motion comics

Spotify has gone into a partnership with Nerdist to provide motion comics that are based on new Archie comics. All the six episodes included therein feature music and voice acting along with the actual comic illustrations.

The motion comics being offered are available in the Spotify mobile app. In order to watch them, tap play and the episode will begin the playback. You will be able to read, hear and experience the comic all at the same time. The texts of the comics are also displayed, the only problem is that since the comics play automatically instead of between panels, you may not be able to read the texts at your own pace. The graphics of the motion comics are also less than those you will find in Webtoon or any other optimized comic reader.

The first six motion comics are already available on Spotify under the heading Spotlight: Archie – The New Riverdale, and they make use of the very same Spotlight branding that visual podcasts used when they were launched by Spotify in January. Each of these motion comics last about ten minutes and they are somewhat fun to watch. The autoplay and voice acting also reduces the stress of having to scroll through comics while at the same time trying to focus on the texts.

Archie Comics has for some time been eagerly trying to include real artists into new issues or episodes, creating unusual spinoffs, up to the point of licensing the rights out to create Riverdale which appears moodier.

Some few years past, Spotify made a huge move to expand its network to go beyond music and into videos but sadly, it was ineffective. In January this year, the company turned away from original video when it made an announcement that it was working in partnership with media companies to make visual podcasts and audio snippets, which would appeal more to the expectations of people who make use of the service. Furthermore, Spotify allows its users to stream podcasts on its platform and this has so far turned out to be more successful than its video ideas.

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