Snapchat provides new ability to delete unopened sent messages

Snap has now made it possible for Snapchat users to delete messages that they have not yet opened, that is, for messages they probably change their minds on considering they don’t want the message recipient to read. This feature has been rolling out to some users for some time now. The company is taking baby steps to get the feature to every user and that is why the feature gets to a certain amount of users at a time. Within a few weeks, the feature should have been able to get to every Snapchat user.

In a bid to delete a sent message you a recipient is yet to read;

  • Hold on the media, be it a text, image, or audio that you want to delete, you will see a pop-up asking if you want the message deleted.
  • Tap the pop-up and the text, image, or audio will disappear.

Once you have done this, the recipient of the message will still get a notification that a message was sent to them and was afterwards deleted. But, since they never got the chance to open the message, they will never have any idea what was in the message.

The company has also made an announcement that it is increasing the accessibility of the second-gen Spectacles to Amazon. In contrast to the original merchandise, the gratuitously new sunglasses are pretty much slimmer, they can take photos, and are water resistant. These newfangled Spectacles were released only on at first, but later, they were made available on Amazon in addition to the previous version of the accessory that is also available on the online retail platform.

If you happen to be interested, the new Spectacles are available at the price of $149.99 in the United States and they come in three colours that you can directly order from Snap. They are onyx, moonlight, sapphire twilight, and ruby daybreak.

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