Snapchat announces Bitmoji Deluxe with lots of new customization options

Snapchat has of recent announced a new feature which is called Bitmoji Deluxe. This new feature has a lot of options to customize your avatar, which includes new skin tones, eye and hair colours, facial features, hairstyles, and accessories.

When using the Bitmoji Deluxe, you can take a selfie photograph and use it as a locus to design your avatar. Take for instance that you select a particular eyebrow style, the app will display a preview of it right there on your avatar builder. However, if you fancy the avatar you are using at the moment, the Bitmoji classic and Bitstrip styles are still available.

The moment the deluxe feature is live, you can access the tool through settings in the Bitmoji app, and tap on “change avatar style.” To do the same on Snapchat, you tap on “edit Bitmoji,” and that will instantly move you to the Bitmoji app. If you decide to edit your avatar for the first time after the feature is launched, you’ll be prompted about the new options.

Bitmjoji at present offers a basic avatar builder which allows you to change your hair, eyes, clothes, nose, and other basic features. The update builds on that and even adds further customization. Snap has noted that accessories like make-up and earrings can be applied to any avatar.

Snap stated that it gathered feedback from users of Bitmoji and the internal team about different options and noted that the Bitmoji community had been asking for more hairstyles and colours for some time. A spokeswoman of Snap in a statement said, “We built the Bitmoji Deluxe style, in many ways from the ground up, to offer our community a more visual design flow with added feature options, as well as build a back-end that allows for continued investments and more flexibility in the future.”

According to Snapchat, the Bitmoji Deluxe will be distributed to all iOS and Android users from today, adding that it will continue to bring in new designs to make the app more inclusive and easily customized.

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