Use Skype Without an Account: Just a Click on a Link

Now you can Skype with just anyone using a browser: no app, no account just a click on a link.

The garbage bin of technology is never too full, once a product becomes less appetizing having less appeal, it is already mortgaging an apartment in the garbage bin as it is surely to be dumped. Here in Nigeria, no product is too big for the coffin, a company is dead once it fails to hold strong to its customers. The likes of Sagem in Nigeria are already technological obituaries as they failed to measure up to the competition and the nails for their coffins were not too expensive as they were easily provided by the Samsung, Tecno, Apple etc. and now they are almost dead and forgotten.

In face of the competition over the years, Developers have not hung their chef aprons yet as they are toasting and toasting updates after updates all in a push to make the software still relevant.

As such in prodigious efforts to increase the accessibility of the app over the years, developers also to hold strongly to their user base, Skype has introduced a fresh feature which gives signed-up users the enablement to invite just any person to join a chat irrespective of whether they have a skype account.

Now any Skype member who makes use of Skype for Mac, Windows, or Web will now be able to share a distinct link, made possible through Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Twitter which makes room for the recipient to come into a conversation on Skype for Web via just one click.


This is stress free, that easy as you have read, no need to beat around the bush of creating an account or even downloading the app. Just click the link and enjoy chatting.

This is not all, users with a Skype account and Skype downloaded on their mobile would be able to join an interactive conversation via Skype for iPad, iPhone and Android. The capacity to send out a link from mobile devices is soon to be rolled out announced the company.

This red-hot feature is compatible with group as well as one-to-one voice and video calls including instant messaging has come into availability for users in the US and the UK as more locations will be available to enjoy this feature in “the next couple of weeks”.

“Now you can use Skype to chat with anyone and not just the people in your Skype contact list,” the Skype team announced by means of a post about the most recent change to its software.

To make use of this new feature, click “+New” in the most recent version of Skype for Windows, Skype for Mac, or Skype for Web, after this proceed to share the provided link with any person of interest to come into the conversation. The person who receives the link will just need to click on the link.

It looks like a beautifully effective plus to the service, offering as it really plays a big part in bringing about a super-easy way add intensity to an online chat, while for Skype it’s a big cute way to get some users back again on the user train as well as rededicate some backsliding users.

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