Skype spices the Skype 7.0 sauce for Android with new delicious tablet interface

Skpye is locked in a messenger tussle as it tries hard to hold on to its medals in face of stiff competition from other messaging platforms. Hence Skype has no choice to churn in up update after update, because in a very dynamic tech race like such, standing wouldn’t only cause someone else to overtake you. Someone else might even wriggle your baton forcefully out of your hands. And with us energetically waiting at the dining table with virtuous impatience, Skype has to work to work its head off in the kitchen to satisfy our gluttony.

Skype spices the Skype 7.0 sauce for Android with new delicious tablet interface

And now Skype has brought in another update for its Skype’s Android app rolling out a Material Design style to tablets. This move is a kind of follow up to the developments we saw in 2015 for phones.

Now in this in this Skype 7.0 for Android, the tablet UI (User Interface) saw a touch of changes as it moved from the ground up. There is now a feel of completion to it with a floating action button, as well as a multi-pane view which comes on when you happen to make use of your tablet in landscape mode. This is what is depicted in the picture.

It has now also brought in the capacity to send files as well as messages; even maintaining watch on your latest conversations even while you are engaged in a voice or video call. The new iteration of the app introduces Skype’s improved universal search to Android tablets too. This introduces gourds of relief in locating people, chats, groups, as well as bots – direct from the main screen.

So when you happen to sign into Skype, you get to see the list of the address book contacts on your device. And in the case where some are not already enjoying the services of Skype, there is now much ease in spamming them with invites. And to top it all off, Skype 7.0 is presented with some unnamed call quality and performance improvements.

You can get the fresh version of the app already on the Google Play Store.

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