Skype adds mobile group video calling on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile

Skype is going about the celebration of its anniversary (tenth) of its free video calling feature by introducing mobile group calling for all major smartphone platforms.

Skype doing it big this time

Skype doing it big this time

Six year have gone by since Skype activated mobile one-to-one video calling, and now the messaging app owned by Microsoft is making expansion to this feature; extending it to multi-person calls on iOS, Windows 10 Mobile and Android. The company announced that we could be enjoying the the feature in “the coming weeks,” but then if you are bent on tasting this recipe, you could pre-register on the company’s dedicated tenth anniversary website and get your hands on an early version of it.

Putting it in here, Skype wouldn’t be the first messaging app to introduce mobile group video calling; Google’s Hangouts has this feature on their dining table for users to enjoy for quite some time even supporting up to 10 people on the same video call.

Just in the same way, Skype is Skype is laying restrictions on how many people will have the opportunity to be involved in the same mobile video call. The service will give up to 25 people the enablement to share a group call on desktop and then 10 people share a video call, so we have the prospects of seeing if this has the capacity to replicate such feat on the smartphone.

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