Send Birthday Wishes To Your Facebook Friends Automatically

One of the options Facebook has is to remind you of your friend’s birthday before the day and this notification will be sent to your email as a reminder for upcoming birthdays. Upon the notification of the upcoming birthday, most of us still miss the opportunity of wishing our friends a happy birthday and this often make us feel remorse.

You can now use a Facebook application called AutoBudder to automatically wish your Facebook friends on their birthday with a customize messages from you. Click here to go to the application Page.

AutoBudder Application

Once you reach the application page, allow it to access your profile so that your friend’s birthday date will be collected. After, you can customize the message or allow the default birthday message from AutoBudder. You can again choose to enable/disable greeting cards to be sent to your friends and also set the time you want the messages to be delivered.

Try out Autobudder Facebook app – Automated birthday wishes on Facebook.

But today, you can now send a Happy Birthday greeting to friends even when you are not online with the help of a Google Chrome extension known as HappyBirthday. This extension will send happy birthday wishes to your friends on Facebook on their birthday and this extension is capable of collecting your friend’s birthday information from your Facebook Account. You also have the option to set the message that will be displayed on your friend’s wall on their birthday.

First install the extension from Here and click on add to Chrome. After installation, right click the Facebook HappyBirthday icon at the top of the browser and select option. A new window will open where you can manage the type of message you want to wish your friends.

The HappyBirthday extension has a chrome bar notification that shows the number of messages sent whenever a happy birthday message is sent.

Through the notification bar, you can check the list of friends that a birthday wishes has been sent to by clicking on the taskbar icon.

You can as well cross check manually by visiting your friend’s wall to see the HappyBirtday extension at work. With this extension, you won’t have to worry about remembering birthday dates anymore since this will be done for you automatically.

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