Samsung’s Android Browser Gets Ad Blocking Capabilities

Samsung is introducing support for content as much as ad blocking plugins to the web browser which comes preinstalled on its Android phones. Samsung started engaging in the exercise of pushing this updated browser to Samsung phones with Android Marshmallow some few days ago; there is also plans cooking for the availability of Lollipop in the months to come. This benefit of this move would let users install helper apps for the purpose of blocking ads from websites they visit, bearing similarity to how content and ad blocking operates in Apple’s Safari browser in iOS 9. An ad or content blocker could greatly cut down loading times as much reduce mobile data usage, for the fact that web pages loaded without being burdened with ads, getting smaller than those with advertising enabled.

Samsung's Android Browser Gets Ad Blocking Capabilities

Samsung’s Android Browser Gets Ad Blocking Capabilities

Content blockers on mobile devices have prompted quite a significant reaction when iOS 9 was released this past September, but then the moment the initial hype subsided, blockers dropped drastically from the top ranks of Apple’s App Store, this showing that they haven’t really gained a deep stance in exception of early adopters. Blocking ads and other content on Android of course doesn’t boast similar convenience as installing a browser extension, and Google’s own Chrome browser, which comes preinstalled on Android phones — most times in company of another browser, likely Samsung’s Internet; is not yet compatible with content blockers.

A number of third-party browsers, includes is the lately announced Brave, proffer integrated ad-blocking features, but then have not vindicated a stake as solid as Chrome. Owing to this, while blocking ads on desktop browsers is a yet a popular practice, most people aren’t even concerned with blocking them on mobile.

There is no distinct certainty as to the number of Samsung users who could actually make use of content blockers now that they are available, nor can we definitely say how many actually make use Samsung’s browser in preference to Google Chrome. There is the sturdy chance that if you’re the kind of individual that’s conscious of content blockers, you’re also the type of person that would make use of Google Chrome in preference to Samsung’s browser on your Android device. In the condition where you’ve recently moved over from an iPhone to a Samsung device and got out of track with the functionality of blocking ads possibly wanting it back, you can now get back to an ad-free internet experience.

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