Samsung Plans To Announce Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has recovered fully from the Note 7 disaster gripping hard on the neck of Apple and other smartphone competitors. From an unknown reliable source given by the Reuters, its latest report has speculated one of Samsung 2017 August move.

As it claims that Samsung will be announcing its latest Galaxy Note 8 in August. According to its report, the Galaxy Note 8 will have a little larger display compared to the Galaxy S8 plus, and also will have a dual-Camera feature.

This speculation makes sense following former announcements made by Samsung on its Note 5 and its unfortunate Note 7 whose announcements was in the August period.

In support to these claims, it could be pointed out that Samsung’s August move is aimed at getting the Galaxy Note 8 into the market before its tech rival Apple as it plans to launch its Iphone 8 soonest.

We are really expectant of what this Samsung Note 8 would be bringing to board. We expect Samsung to stare critically at the design to avoid the disastrous explosive path of the Note 7.

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