Samsung to announce Galaxy Note 9 early

It’s going to take a few more months before the next wave of 2018 flagship phones will be released, however, we got a report from our sources telling us that one of those phones may arrive in the market a lot sooner. On the 9th of August, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be announced which is exactly 2 weeks sooner than the time Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was announced in the previous year. The company deems to roll out the device by August ending.

If this becomes the case, Samsung would end up getting a head start as opposed to Apple’s iPhones this year. Back in 2017, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 went on sale only after iPhone 8 and iPhone X were announced in September and would have brought down the sales potential of the device for the company seeing as a lot of buyers would have opted for Apple’s products. We have reason to believe that the announcement of the Note 9 by Samsung would have come a bit earlier, but as reported by our sources, the announcement which was slated for July was held back because the company wanted to make a few changes in the eleventh hour.

We also received some reports that Samsung is planning to include an upgraded camera into the Note 9. This therefore translates that the Note 9 will probably get the same dual-aperture feature that the S9 included early this year meant to aid the device better expose for bright environments. The device is also expected to arrive with a new Qualcomm processor, we presume it will be the Snapdragon 845 which is actually reasonable considering that it is a 2018 Android flagship.

As is the case with tech companies, our sources caution that plans for the announcement date could still be altered. Be that as it may, the announcement date could still remain unchanged seeing as in the past Samsung announced its new Note brands close to the beginning or middle of August, this may be a return to the status quo.

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