Reports: Microsoft acquires GitHub

Reports have reached us from our sources saying that Microsoft has acquired GitHub, an immense code depository that has become widespread with developers and companies. GitHub hosts their projects, documentation, and codes. Our sources tell us that the company selected Microsoft partially because of CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft has as of late been in talks with GitHub to finalize the deal.

There are a lot of big tech companies that make use of GitHub including Apple, Amazon, and Google. Microsoft just so happens the top contributor to the site, it has above 1,000 employees that are pushing code to depositories on GitHub in an active manner. Microsoft even goes to the length of hosting its original Windows File Manager source code on GitHub. In the year 2015, the service was valued at a whopping $2 billion, but we have no information on the exact amount that was offered by Microsoft to acquire the service.

Ever since Satya Nadella took over the position of the CEO in Microsoft, the company has been investing in open source tech. Microsoft has open sourced PowerShell, Visual Studio Code, and the Microsoft Edge JavaScript engine. The company working together with Canonical brought Ubuntu to Windows 10, it even acquired Xamarin to aid with the development of mobile apps.

Microsoft makes use of open source Git version control system for the development of Windows, and even brought SQL Server to Linux. The Microsoft Visual Studio Code, which allows developers to build and debug web and cloud applications, has become popular with developers. The acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft ultimately means that we’ll get to see a closer integration of Microsoft’s developer tools with the service. Last month at Build, Microsoft integrated GitHub service into its App Centre for developers.

We hope to get more details about the GitHub acquisition once the announcement is made, hopefully by then, developers would get a grip of the plans the tech giant has with GitHub.

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