Same thickness, More Ports, Less Battery life

We all know that the Mac Book Pro 2015 is pretty slim – hell, I daresay it’s one of the slimmest PCs in the world (or is it?). Now Samsung has a replica of the Mac Book Pro 2015 (or should I say the Mac Book Pro was a replica of the Samsung Ativ book 9” )but they prove that with just a little effort, you can actually squeeze in two or three more ports(as against the Mac Book Pro’s single USB-C port). If at this point you don’t know what USB-C is, I think you should Google it.

Samsung Ativ Book

Take a look at this beauty and tell me what you think. Now as for every other tech device, the Ativ book has its “cons”. The cons are listed below:

  1. Though it has the same thickness and build as the Mac Book, it has a much shorter battery life
  2. It does not have the same hardware specs as the mac book pro; and worse for it to have the same hardware specs means more cost.
  3. It lacks a touch screen which makes it less suitable for later Windows versions.

But all in all, it is a very good laptop and I think it was so close to calling a draw with the Mac Book 2015.

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