Safe Ways to Share your Email Address Online

When I was still new to internet stuffs, I shared my email address on blogs, forums, social sites and etc. later I just noticed I started receiving dozens of emails daily claiming I’ve won millions of dollars from Shell, Microsoft, Yahoo and so on. Then, I wondered how this people get hold of my email address to send this scam messages to me but a friend of mine told me there are some useless people online that use various means to scrap email addresses online.

Safe Ways to Share Email Address Online

Today, I want to share how was able to make my email address to be free from scams and spam by adopting a security measure to safeguard my email address online whenever I shared it. Below were the measures I took to safeguard my email whenever I share it online.

1. Temporary/Disposable Mails:

At times you might want to get a some free packages online such as software, eBooks, etc. and the blog or website administrator demands for your email for them to send the link to you, what you have to do is just get a temporary email address online. Temporary emails are free and no registration is required, there are thousands of sites to get a temporary email on the internet, but my favorite is After 10 minutes the email address you generate from will be disposed off. You can also use to generate email address that you could use for a year.

2. Use (at) Sign:

Whenever you want to share your email address with friends on social networking sites or forums, or via blog comment, put (at) instead of @ sign. For instance, if I want to I will write it as mark(at)

3. Convert Your Email Address to Image:

You can mask your email address by turning it to an image. Below is an example:

To convert your email address to image, go to
With the three steps analyzed above, you should be able to share your email address online securely.

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