How to Access from Outside the US for Free is one of the best websites to watch popular TV shows and movies free online. It streams episodes of The Office, Glee, Family Guy, SNL and many more hit shows. All you need to enjoy Hulu is a web browser with flash player installed on it. But presently, Hulu can only be access in US. If you try to access Hulu from anywhere outside US, you will greeted with the message in the image below.

Today, I want to share how I was able to watch interesting shows on Hulu in Nigeria and how you can likewise watch Hulu outside US like a US resident. Hulu can be access outside US by using a browser add-on called MediNet. No configuration is required after installing MediNet add on your browser. Presently MediaNet is Available on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Firefox users can download MediaNet addon Here while Google Chrome users can also download MediaNet extension Here.

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