Recover Accidentally Deleted Files from Sd card, Camera, Phone etc.

Have you by chance or accident deleted some photos on your Camera, Computer, Flash Drive, Memory card, phone or anywhere? Do you think the valuable pictures you accidentally deleted are permanently gone? NO! Recently, a guy wanted to delete the last picture he took on his camera but by mistake he selected delete all option and I know most of you reading this post might have experienced something of this nature in the past. But I will say unto you don’t be anxious because there is a software that can be use to restore and recover them back.


This software can easily recover deleted files such as photos, movies/video clips, sound/audio clips from digital camera, hard disk, sd card etc. With this software you will be able to restore inaccessible or formatted fixed drive.

How Do I Get This Software That Can Recover Accidentally Recover Files

This software with it serial key and simplify guide on how to use it cost N1500 or $10. This software has No adware, spyware, or software bundles! Installation is easy and you can remove the software quickly after you install it, if needed. This software will be sent to you with the serial key to fully activate it and after, No monthly fees. No late fees! You can keep and use the product permanently to recover an unlimited number of files.

Supported Platforms are Microsoft Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XP/2003/Vista/7

How Can You Get This Software?

This software is free gift from an entertainment blog known as Pure Gist. To get this software, go to and subscribe to the blog and like their Facebook page at

If you are done with the subscribing and liking stuff, now send an email to with the subject “Recover Accidentally Deleted Files from Sd card Software”. That’s all.

Note that you must not put additional pictures on your memory card if you find you have deleted some pictures by mistake. Otherwise it may cause overwriting and make them unrecoverable.

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