How to Verify if a Real Estate Agent, Co. in Lagos is Certified or Not

Recently, I read a news online on how an a young guy scam a US couple of over $40,000. The guy told them that he has some hectares of land and other blah blah blah. In short, they fell for his scam and paid the required sum money.


I noticed this is not only happening to people abroad, people at home also get scammed especially in a location like Lagos where you see real estate agent after every two poles.

Most of these real estate agents are scammers, but yet, how would you distinguish registered and certified real estate agents from those who are not certified (scammers)? It’s quite easy, LASRETRAD public register will help.

The Lagos State Real Estate Transaction Department (LASRETRAD) has created a website to confirm if a real estate agent, company or broker is certified. From LASRETRAD public register, you would be able to verify:

  •      The class of license held
  •      The date the licensee’s name was entered in LASRETRAD register
  •      The registration number allocated to the licensee
  •      The full name of the licensee and any other names and trading name if it is a company
  •      The company’s business address or registered office address of the licensee.
  •      The expiration date of the licence
  •      Disciplinary action taken against the licensee or the company, if any.

However, sometimes the LASRETRAD public database is not up-to-date, so I would recommend you to call them directly and ask to verify the agent/company license. Their phone#:  +234(0)8033067946 or 01-8448145.

This is one of the most important verifications to be undertaken when trying to acquire real estate property(-ies) in Lagos Nigeria, in order to avoid a scam.

Click here to access LASRETRAD online register.

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