How to Password Protect Your WhatsApp Messenger

We all possess confidential messages on our WhatsApp Messenger which we won’t like any 3rd party to access. Although it is always safe to delete confidential messages immediately after the conversation, but at times, we might feel like have it on our phone and check back later.


As a matter of fact, we can’t stop our friends and loved ones from browsing our phone, but they can be stopped from accessing areas that are confidential, like the case of WhatsApp Messenger.

To all Android users, you can now protect your WhatsApp Messenger messages from 3rd parties by using an app named WhatsApp Lock. One thing I found interesting about this app is that it captures intruders images when they enter wrong pin.

How WhatsApp Lock Works

Lightweight, practical, effective and fun!

This app lets you protect your WhatsApp privacy through a PIN.
After installation it will ask you to set a 4 digit PIN, and will show the configuration options to lock WhatsApp
You can customize auto-lock time, so you don’t need to enter the PIN every time you change task on your device.
If you enter a wrong pin and your phone has front camera, it will take a picture of the intruder and saved in the photo gallery.

Have fun in detecting the intruder! (Only devices with front camera)

Before you proceed, check:

Features of WhatsApp Lock

★ It’s free and has no limitations.
★ Keep your messages safe
★ Capture intruders when wrong PIN entered. Have Fun 🙂
★ Customize autolock time
★ Don’t make you crazy with strange advertising.
★ It is ultra-lightweight. Uses low resources and space.
★ Minimum special permissions required
★ Design attractive and simple user interface.

Note: This application is not related to Whatsapp Company in anyway

What are you waiting for? Head over to Google Play Store to download WhatsApp Lock.

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