How to Password Protect USB Flash Drives

Flash drive is portable, small tool that can be use to save and transfer data between computers, so most people use it to store sensitive data such as credit card number, bank account statements, plans, password and so many vital and private data.


Due to the fact that flash drives are portable, they can be easily carried around and there is high chance for it to be misplaced, stolen or lost. It is highly advisable to keep the data on your flash drive secure so that when any person finds it, they would not misuse it.

Read the following before you proceed:

There are so many tools available in the market ranging from free to paid ware that can be use to password protect flash drives. But today, am going to share the one I’ve used and have helped to protect my flash drive.

USB Flash Security is a tiny software that helps protect USB drives by providing strong encryption system (AES 256). This tool can be easily use by connecting your USB device to your computer and then install the program on the device. So after installation, no other person would be able to access the files stored on the drive without password.

Download USB Flash Security from HERE, download the free edition for non-commercial/personal use. After successful download, install and then go to USB Flash Security Installation Guide page for information on how to use it.

It would be too late when you notice your pen drive was lost or stolen. Why no protect your data now?

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