How to Own your Own shop on Facebook & Start Selling to Friends & Fans

I heard some people say it is not possible to make money online without a website? Some even went to the extent that making money from social media sites like Facebook is not possible. I’m glad to tell you today that it is very possible to sell to friends and fans on Facebook with owning a website….


If you have a fairly used/new products you wish to sell, you can now sell them online with the help of various application out there that allows you to own a shop online for free and then receive payment from every sales made.

I want to introduce you to an awesome application that creates a ready-made online store that helps you accept orders and payments from social networks and mobile devices. The name of this app is Ojami.

Ojami is an app that allows you to easily kick start your e-commerce business. Stores created with ojami are always optimized for smartphone and tablet which makes it easy for your customers to buy…anywhere anytime. Ojami does not have set up fees, hosting fees or transaction fees. You can always create your free store and upgrade your package to unlock features anytime you like.

Customers can conveniently pay via debit or credit card. Once the payment has been made, Ojami will send an alert E-mail to you so that you can quickly deliver the goods.

To sign up, simply go to

That idea you have been nursing but unable to make real because you think you are not a geek or techie enough to create a website. This application will help you create your e-commerce website without any technical experience/effort. It’s so easy like operating your Facebook account.

Some people will be saying to themselves ‘Olusegun, how will I get my money form Ojami after each sales’. SimplePay manages Ojami, so it takes only 24 hours to transfer your money from your SimplePay account to your bank account.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to use the comment section.

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