Old Phones That Will Make You Laugh

Before smartphones, windows Phone and I-phones took over the mobile phone market, some other phones were making waves. Jovago.com, Africa’s Number 1 Online Booking Portal brings back some of these old phones. Many of them have been phased-out while others have refused to disappear from the market. It simply shows that technology is advancing daily.

NOKIA 2110

Nokia 2110

The Nokia 2110 was one of the early phones that Nokia produced in 1994. It has the record of being the first phone that featured the very popular Nokia tone. Like most phones of that era, the functions were very limited to making calls and sending text messages. The durability of today’s phone makes them a mockery of the Nokia 2110.


Motorola C520

Motorola C520 is the exact replica of the Nokia 2110. It was released in 1998. It performs the simple functions of receiving and making calls as well as sending text messages. Now you would be puzzled why Motorola produce such a huge phone.


Trium 110

This phone has been taken off the market by Trium. It will shock you to know that this phone has a WAP internet browser among other features like polyphonic ringtone, built-in hands free and two uploaded games.


Blackberry Pearl

The Blackberry Pearl is among the first set of blackberry phones that were released into the market in 2006 by Research In Motion (RIM). It is a smartphone that is rarely used presently because blackberry has drastically improved its designs. This has made RIM of the phone a global player in the mobile industry.

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